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Greenville Financial Group LLC

Products & Services

Investment Advisory Services

Clarifying your life goals is the most important part of our process. We will help you organize your goals by time frame and priority. As we build a context around each of your goals, we will begin to develop a clearer perspective for what needs to be done to achieve them. Once your vision is clear, there are more ways to potentially achieve your goals than you may have imagined. We’ll show you numerous scenarios that reveal how you can finally use your wealth in striving to achieve your most significant objectives, both present and future. The plan is then implemented to help your visions become real . 

From here on out we manage change. When change does happen, we are prepared to help with the unexpected and ready to recommend options for adjusting your Life /Wealth program, ensuring that it continually supports the way you want to live.

Wealth Management

At GFG, we utilize a dynamic Wealth Management system which features your very own personalized website that consolidates your whole financial world into one convenient and secure place. This enables us to analyze your current financial picture to help you prepare for the future.

Your wealth management website enables us to analyze your current financial picture to help you prepare for the future. You can see your total net worth, track you spending and project your cash flow for decades to come. Watch our two minute video to learn more and ask for our Wealth Management Website brochure to be emailed to you!

Risk Management

As wealth advisors, we strive to mitigate your financial risks of a premature death or a disabling medical condition to a loved one or family member.

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Experts agree that your insurance plans should be reviewed by a professional every 3-5 years or when you have a life-changing event including: a new job, birth of a child, marriage, divorce or retirement. Through our relationship with Crump Life Insurance Services, we have access to specialized underwriters and over 50 companies committed finding the best products and prices for a variety of situations. Contact Risk Management Director Rick Thomas or Gina Winzinger to discuss your needs.