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Greenville Financial Group LLC

John E. T. Taylor

John E. T. Taylor

(302) 658-5800


Our philosophy as comprehensive wealth advisers is to help clients make smart choices about their money so they may become and remain financially independent. The Financial Roadmap® that we utilize provides our clients with a compelling vision of their desired future and a set of strategies to potentially make it a reality. Implementation of these strategies may help you enjoy what is important to you, achieve your personal goals and milestones while mitigating risks to your current assets and income.

Steps to Financial Independence

  1. Identify your Values
  2. Set your Goals
  3. Benchmark your current financial reality
  4. Create your Personalized Financial Road Map®
  5. Create your own dynamic, secure, wealth management website
  6. Create and implement your plan with our guidance
  7. Delegate worrying about money and the markets to us, allowing you to concentrate on the things that are most important to you!